release me

People youve loved
Can become the easiest to hate;
Grazing along the dim line of the

violitile emotions between love and disgrace.
my soul burns at the mere mention of your name
Increasing passion, the growing rage I feel to extinguish your flame
But it’s almost the same
As the intensity of our rose-colored days
The thought of the likeness drives me insane.

Oh i long for the day when I can ignore your existence.
There is no better relief than indifference


deconstructing this entertainment for a second

As a black child, I grew up thinking this was illegal myself. It’s a habit I took with me into adulthood, and I myself am quick about using the light when I’m in the car. This is a common theme amongst black people, a lot of us grew up believing it was against the law to have the lights on. Sure, people of other cultures could probably understand what it really was: drawing attention to the car. But what it also does is allow visibility of them. And often times for black people, and people of color, visibility is dangerous. Visibility allows them to be profiled by police or authority. With the increased attention to the car due to having a light on plus visible black bodies, it’s no wonder black parents have always said to their children that it’s illegal. Because although theres no law against it, it very well could lead them to being pulled over.