freedom isn’t what you give me

I carry anger from the blood that flows within me;

I carry anger from my ancestors who kept quiet so their children could breathe

I’m full of generations of rage

My blood

Forcibly nomadic

Yet still in a cage

We are from the land of the sun and stars

Deceitful people who laid the foundation for how we live today tore us apart

We weeped crossing the sea to an unsure destiny

They try to say our people owned people in their same cruel ways

But what they left out is that we never kept our brethren slaves until the end of days.. 

we didn’t brutalize people in these dehumanizing ways

The mental circus, the linguistic maze they would go through just to save their face.
My blood from the sea was carried south

From the land of the sun to dying in drought

Not from lack of water

But from the relentless heat

While we built this nation with our bare feet

But remaining calm so maybe our children will make it out
One day they’ll say

“You’re free”

Get the hell out of this place

Because you’re no longer beneficial to me
From the south to the snow, my blood would go

Trying to chase what little they could salvage, 

and escape Jim Crowe
They said we could build our lives because now we have this chance

Despite locking us up and enslaving us, under a new lance

And insisting time and time again that separate is equal
We rose, we spoke; 

We marched, we choked

None of that was good enough for you white folk

We got organized, to make ourselves free

Feeding our youth, providing our own industries

We picked up guns

Put your asses on the run
You came back with laws

And infiltrated us with drugs

At night you came in the hoods

And when we made our own riches

You left our homes smoldered in the mud.
You say it’s over now.

That its all good

I carry the rage from 300 years

Is that not understood


Our very society has been made from this mess

But you come and cherry pick what’s been left

Sure, we set the standard of capital and industry

But don’t leave out the standard of how you view me

I carry the rage that’s been handed down my blood

I carry the rage from living in a land that’s never given us love

How can I be free

If that’s what someone has to tell me?

deconstructing this entertainment for a second

As a black child, I grew up thinking this was illegal myself. It’s a habit I took with me into adulthood, and I myself am quick about using the light when I’m in the car. This is a common theme amongst black people, a lot of us grew up believing it was against the law to have the lights on. Sure, people of other cultures could probably understand what it really was: drawing attention to the car. But what it also does is allow visibility of them. And often times for black people, and people of color, visibility is dangerous. Visibility allows them to be profiled by police or authority. With the increased attention to the car due to having a light on plus visible black bodies, it’s no wonder black parents have always said to their children that it’s illegal. Because although theres no law against it, it very well could lead them to being pulled over.

Just gathering my thoughts

I go by Vee. I decided I should create a blog to store all of the things I create, all the thoughts I have and poetry I create in one concise place. It may vary from a tangent of political raves from photography or just collections of my art. Nevertheless, I just felt that this needed to happen. A long. Time. Ago.