no vacancy

is there enough room anywhere?
i’m searching for a home in anyone I know
and honestly that isn’t the way it should go.
trust me.
it doesnt work
and usually hurts
but my fantasies are always ready to create
a life that never existed
but something to excite my mind.
create an escape.
until the escape becomes the source of pain.

is there enough room anywhere?
i’m just looking to be cared for
better yet.. adored
i just want something more.

is there enough room anywhere?
for me.


I feel you inside of me screaming,
inhibiting my breathing.
Your movements have me wheezing and I’m seizing at the thought of losing you.
I’m cheesing at the memories of what we’ve been through,
but it’s true.
I’m new to this,
The silence; pregnant pauses in between flowing thoughts that line our talks like a steady weaving.
But I’m afraid to start believing that this could be something meaningful.
Because I know you’re meaning well,
but I’ve been meaning to tell you how overwhelmed I feel,
with the warmth you’ve provided me.
I’m afraid to know if it’s real.